Kengo Kishin is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power and correct the world how they see fit. Their overall goal appears to revolve around, Operation: The Eternal Equanimity, what this operation exactly about is still unknown. Although some members joined Kengo Kishin to further their own goals, all are united in Kengo Kishin’s ultimate goal of “The Eternal Equanimity.”

List of Members:

Jashin is the leader of Kengou Kishin.

Pandora: Not much is known about her or why she joined Kengou Kishin. She is a quiet person that rarely speaks so she hasn't created a bond with the other members.

Nigel Faulkner he soon meet Jashin in an underground tournament, were Jashin gave him an offer he didn’t want to refuse, “follow me and you can show the world how strong your boxing & taekwondo martial art is. “ With this being said Nigel agreed to follow him wherever they might go as long he gets to show the world what true power is.

{C Khl'ạ'̀ng He was taken in by Jashin after seeing him unhesitant kill a group of thugs who were trying to mug him. Jashin asked the man his name but he replied that he didn’t have one. Jashin told him that if he were to follow him and swear his allegiance to him that he would give him a name and much more if he ever wanted. Jashin proceeded to walk away and the man followed him and as they walked off Jashin said to him “Khlạ̀ng with you by my side the world is ours to mold is ours to mold anyway we like. “The man who was now named Khlạ̀ng asked why that name, Jashin replied that his fighting style is so destructive and wild it’s just like a rave. After that day Khlạ̀ng always stayed loyal to Jashin no matter what.

Yang Li When he first met Jashin he admired the man’s ambitions and said that the beauty of his goal is similar the beauty that he admires and he decided to follow him wherever he went.

Yamamoto Takeshi is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and sadistic. He cares for no one but himself. His reasons for joining Kengou Kishin are still unknown.