Khl'ạ'̀ng is one the follower of Jashin. He is tall and powerfully built, has very dark skin, and is usually seen wearing baggy pants, a sash around his waist, and bandages wrapped around his hands and feet. His name is Thai for “Rave” the name was given to him due to the fact that his fighting style can be compared to a rave party. He rarely speaks and has a calm disposition. He is a mysterious man with no past from Thailand. He was taken in by Jashin after seeing him unhesitant kill a group of thugs who were trying to mug him. Jashin asked the man his name but he replied that he didn’t have one. Jashin told him that if he were to follow him and swear his allegiance to him that he would give him a name and much more if he ever wanted. Jashin proceeded to walk away and the man followed him and as they walked off Jashin said to him “Khlạ̀ng with you by my side the world is ours to mold is ours to mold anyway we like. “The man who was now named Khlạ̀ng asked why that name, Jashin replied that his fighting style is so destructive and wild it’s just like a rave. After that day Khlạ̀ng always stayed loyal to Jashin no matter what.

Martial Arts

Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Capoeira, and Zui Quan.

Strongest attacks

Spinning back fist (Mat wiang klap), curving knee strike (Khao khong), Chapa-de-Costas, and Drunken God holding large keg.

Personal Quote: "I do not know what it's like to hit a man twice."