Martial Art Factions:

Kengou Kishin (Devil gods of the fist) is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power and correct the world how they see fit. Their overall goal appears to revolve around, Operation: The Eternal Equanimity, what this operation exactly about is still unknown. Although some members joined Kengo Kishin to further their own goals, all are united in Kengo Kishin’s ultimate goal of “The Eternal Equanimity.” They are a dangerous organization who seeks the doctrine of genuine martial arts. It is a group of people that walks in the world of darkness in the pursuit of true martial arts. They wish to correct the world through martial arts. And create new one with only people who can use martial arts.

Sebunsōdo (seven swords) are a group of mercenary swordsman. They used to consist of 7 members but after Kenshin and Takeshi defected from the group their numbers fell to 5. Each member uses a unique sword and unique style of fighting. They are well known for aiding Daimyo’s during times of war and committing assassinations. The reasons why Takeshi and Kenshin defected from Sebunsōdo are still unknown (hoping that’s where you can help)

The Brotherhood of Shadows is an unholy, fanatic cult centered on the demon sorcerer Yoshi. And forever worship the fallen Elder (name unknown). Its countless members are ever scheming and planning for his release from the Demon world. Its trademarks are stealth; secrecy, deception, and its involvement are with black magic and necromancy.

White Lotus Society is an organization of elder martial artist that oppose all others stating that the way of the warrior is the only way to live. They believe without violence and corruption there will be no order in the world. Their goal is to continually excite other countries so that the will wage war amongst one another, this is their ultimate goal “Sainan (Calamity).”