At a glance he seems to be constantly concerned and thinking about all kinds of things, but in reality not much goes on in his head. He’s determined, driven and positive, but he’s also selfish, self-positive, indulgent and egotistic. Somehow, the people around him have grown to like him, but his opponents find him to be kind of obnoxious. - Mishima Kenshin

Not the kind to beat around the bush. At a glance, he seems quite friendly and amiable towards people, but in actuality he’s very cynical. Though it’s all rooted in his true nature, which is kind, caring and extremely loyal.

She has a very honest personality. She’s very direct and open with her emotions, so she’s easily influenced by the people around her. On the upside it causes her to often be very romantic. She can be spontaneous and sometimes a little ditzy. - Lui Jade